Management and leadership needs systematic training
Management is needed everywhere where resources have to be transferred into advantage. Management is not a competence confined to large corporate companies. Management you find in schools, in hospitals, in public administration, down to the smallest organisations, project groups or start-ups. Management is core to successful business development. Essential to this are the business’s resources and the management of them. Management is everywhere. However, it is rarely learned from scratch. Often it is intuitive decision making. That´s bearing risks.

Hence, it is important to understand successful management not merely as a skill but as a profession. This profession requires specific knowledge, tools and set of skills. Just like a craftsman is trained to hammer a nail straight into the wall, a manager can be trained for instance to lead a meeting successfully. Good leadership not only relies on charisma or personality, but demands the mastering of management tools and skills. But this can be learned.

As a next step you need to become aware of and understand management responsibilities. This is especially important when looking at human resources. Good business management implies to define business objectives for every single employee that will assist their professional development and provide challenges at the same time. Using human resources properly means to make use of your employees´ knowledge and capabilities; and of course, it also entails to give your employees enough freedom to develop their full potential. In order to maintain the balance between freedom and control, it is of particular importance to executives to exchange experience with like-minded people and learn about models of best practice. In daily business there is almost no such opportunity.

This is where Hofmann Training offers solutions with bespoke training programmes for your executives and employees in managerial roles. Hofmann Training provides you with the development and refinement of strategic management models of best practice for your business.

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