Who is behind Hofmann Training?
Hofmann Training is a relatively young company founded by Eva Hofmann at the beginning of 2013. Eva Hofmann has several years of work experience within the HR department of Deutsche Bahn at their Berlin head quarters. As a cooperate HR manager for senior executives she was responsible for ensuring the quality of the executive training programmes. From her experience at Deutsche Bahn Eva Hofmann developed high expectations and ambition for the training provided by Hofmann Consulting.
Eva Hofmann holds a Master in Business Administration. Awarded with the prestigious scholarship of the Foundation of German Business (Stiftung Deutscher Wirtschaft) whilst studying for her MBA she participated in a select range of high-quality professional training programmes and seminars. Eva Hofmann is well connected with businesses and key players in Germany and is familiar with the leading and most practised management theories.
In her leisure, Eva Hofmann is actively involved with theGerman debating scene. She was a board member of the German Debating Society. The regular participation in debating competitions equipped Eva Hofmann with invaluable skills to confidently handle an audience, speak in public or address and communicate issues at all levels.
At present, Eva Hofmann lives with her family in Riga, Latvia.

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