Hofmann Training offers individual coaching in special cases
Office Management Coaching

The organisation of the work/office environment (office, desk, agenda, secretarial duties, working material) to enable staff to focus on high priority items and control agendas.
Eva Hofmann divides her Office Management Coaching into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part comprises identifying your strengths and weaknesses and improving your self-organisation . The practical part looks at tidying up, sorting, filing, changing, and implementing a new, tailored, organised work style.

Speaking in Public

Are you getting nervous when speaking in public? Is there a grievous issue that needs addressing and requires empathy? Do you want to present yourself as a strong and confident personin public?
Eva Hofmann coaches your performance in front of an audience. You will receive useful feedback and tips to improve your public speaking.

Success with Job Interviews

Do you want to apply for a new job? You are receiving rejections and you don´t know why? Are you doubtful how to best structure you letter of application and your CV? Together with you Eva Hofmann will assess and develop your application documents and help to prepare you for the interview to improve your chances of getting your next job.

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